Upgrade to DreamBox SE

Buy SENeptune Activation *

Dreambox SE


  • SENeptune Activated
  • No logs, all features are standalone
  • S1 Neptune unlock (including AID4)
  • S1 Locosto unlock without testpoints
  • Full unlock and repair security data for all supported A1 and A2 based phones
  • Full support for EGOLD starting from x45 and all SGOLD Siemens phones
  • Includes all DreamBox Plus functions
  • Repair GDFS
  • Windows Vista/7 ready
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DreamBox Service Software

DreamBox Service Software (DBSS) is the DreamBox SE computer interface used to read/write flash, unlock/relock, restore imei, repair, read/write settings of the phone and more.

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  • Getting Started
  • F.A.Q.
  • Manual
  • Animated Manuals
  • How To
  • Forum
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty

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Supported Cell Phones

Current list of supported Sony Ericsson C-, G-, F-, J-, K-, R-, S-, T-, U-, V-, W-, X-, Z-series, Siemens models includes A-, C-, M- and S-series along with some old models.

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Techical Specifications

Detailed information on technical characteristics and system requirements.

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Bundled accessories include PC USB cable, old- and new type phone cables, cable with testpoint and power connectors.

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* for DreamBox SE that has exceeded warranty period and for DreamBox that has been upgraded to SE version over 6 months ago (before January 15, 2010)