Octopus LG Activation

Dear customers!

GsmServer, GSM Dream and Octopus Teams are glad to introduce Octopus LG Activation for DreamBoxPlus and DreamBox SE.

Octopus LG Activation enables servicing, flashing and repairing for LG handsets.

Octopus LG Activation for DreamBox Main Features:

  • Direct unlock
  • All locks reset
  • Read phone information
  • Firmware update
  • Read/write FullFlash and Calibration data files
  • Read firmware version
  • Full factory reset
  • Multilingual software interface

Octopus LG Activation for DreamBox Supported Models List

Please note: it's impossible to use DreamBox for working with LG models. The above listed models can be connected via USB or third party uni-boxes.

Purchasing Octopus LG Activation for DreamBox entitles the user to 1 year of free access to (20 GB).

You are welcome to order Octopus LG Activation DreamBoxPlus and DreamBox SE!

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