New version of DreamBox V1.02 and DBSS v1.16 released.
These phones supported without cutting tracks: MC60, A65, A65C, A75, A70, CF62, A51, A55, A57, CF110

New models added to the list are supported with tespoint method (no cut track needed).

  • A62
  • AX72
  • A62C
Few models that were previously supported with cut track, now supported with testpoint method:
  • A75
  • A70
  • CF62
  • CF110
  • A51
  • A55
  • A57
  • A65
  • A65C
  • MC60

DBSS v1.16 runs on new bug fixed algorithm.

ATTENTION. To avoid any kind of errors during work with E-Gold series - please refer to user's manual to find out about Test Point cable modification.

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