DBSS v2.1 DreamBox firmware v1.05

  1. Added Format Bootcore mode for most SGOLD phones;
  2. New flash type for EL71 supported;
  3. Option of Full Flash added to the scenario;
  4. New User Interface:
    • Options dialog added;
    • Phone info always visible;
    • Rarely used controls moved to menu;
    • Full Flash tree redesigned;
    • Copy from log activated;
    • "About" box upgrade;
    • Manufacturer and model combined in one combo tree control;
  5. CX75, SL75 communication process improved;
  6. Implemented "Disable strict model validation" option;
  7. Allowed "Repair IMEI after FullFlash";
  8. Delete custom data for EGOLD phones added;
  9. Movable User Data storage added;
  10. Software algorithm is totally reorganized.

More features to come

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