DBSS v2.4, DreamBox fw v1.08

  1. Added support for flash files in .xfs and .xbi formats.
  2. New features released:
    • "Write Signed Software Update in SWUP Mode";
    • "Set Normal Boot Mode" and "Set Secure Boot Mode";
    • "Repair Security Data" (improved "Repair IMEI");
    • "Set Factory Mode" and "Set Customer Mode" (send or clear SKey);
    • "Read Security Info" (SKey, BootKey, BootHash, Phone ID, etc...);
    • "Read Service Info" (phone info in service mode).
  3. New program options:
    • "Set active phone model automatically after loading flash file";
    • Force "Safe Mode".
  4. Enabled "Modify Contrast" feature for some older EGold models.
  5. Fixed SL75 repair issues.
  6. Improved "Read Master Codes" procedure.

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