DreamBox SE, DBSS v3.0

Dear users,

We are proud to present DreamBox Second Edition and DBSS v3.0.

DreamBox SE is a new highly stable and reliable professional service flash/repair product for Sony Ericsson DB2020, CID 49/51/52 and Siemens handsets. The producers have developed a unique unlock, flash and repair solution for Sony Ericsson handsets. DreamBox SE is the most reliable product among the solutions of a kind.

With this release of DBSS v3.0 we present:

  1. Full support for wide range of Sony Ericsson models (DB2020 platform, CID 49, 51, 52):
    • K series: K530, K550, K610, K618, K770, K790, K800, K810, K818;
    • S series: S500;
    • T series: T650;
    • V series: V630;
    • W series: W580, W610, W660, W710, W830, W850, W880;
    • Z series: Z610, Z710.
    • Repair GDFS.
    • Standalone permanent unlock by Testpoint.
    • Multiflash FOTA/Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable.
    • Easy unlock by patch (CID52 only).
    • A large and convenient flash files database.
    • Read/write full flash.
    • Read/write GDFS.
    • Phone customization.
    • Change CDA.
    • Upgrade CID from 49, 51 to 52.
    • Read phone info.
    • Read phone internal diagnostic log.
    • Support firmware in *.ssw, *.mbn, *.fbn, *.dtf formats and customization packs in *.dta and *.zip formats.
  2. Major improvements in communication with Siemens units.
  3. DreamBox driver updated.
  4. DreamBox official web site is totally renewed.

Those, who currently owe DreamBox Plus can get their boxes upgraded to DreamBox SE. For more details please visit Support section of the official web site or log

DreamBox - get more with it!

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