DBSS v3.22

  1. Added support for the following A2 platform based models:
  2. T series: T715 (DB3210)
    F series: F100 Jalou (DB3200)
    J series: J105 Naite (DB3200)
    U series: U10, U100 (DB3350)
    X series: X5 (DB3350)

    Following options released for specified above models:

    • Standalone Reset Based Unlock
    • Multiflash Main Firmware/File System using DCU-60 cable
    • Read/write GDFS + TA
    • Phone customization
    • Read phone info
    • Reset User Lock
    • Reset Call Timer
  1. Added Standalone Unlock without testpoints for all supported A2 (CID53 included) models.
  2. Added Standalone Unlock without testpoints (by patch) for all supported S1 platform based models.
  3. Improved GDFS and TA Backup procedure.

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