DBSS v3.26. Firmware 1.20

  1. Added support for the following NEPTUNE based cell phones:
    • F series: F305
    • S series: S302, S312
    • W series: W302, W395
    The following options are added for the specified above models:
    • Standalone Unlock (AID4 by testpoint)
    • Multiflash Main Firmware/File System
    • Read/Write TA
    • Phone Customization
    • Read Phone Info
    • Reset User Lock
    • Reset Call Timer
  2. Windows Vista compatibility fixed
  3. DB3150 BLACK support fixed

To work with NEPTUNE you will need to buy an activation. FREE activation is available only for boxes on the warranty period and those that were upgraded to SE version within the past 6 months.

To check the eligibility for the FREE activation, please get the latest update, run DBSS and then in the menu select DreamBox->Read Box Info. In the console, you will see whether SeNeptune is included in the list of supported platforms.

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