After running DBSS, application can not find the DreamBox device and does not recognize its serial number
  1. Check the connection with PC.
  2. Use another USB cable.
  3. Check whether the DreamBox device is present in the Device Manager list. Make sure there are no conflicts at driver-level. Re-install driver, if necessary.

While trying to read information about the phone, application does not provide any data, and phone is switched on after pushing its Power button
You connected phone cable to SERVICE input of DreamBox instead of DATA. Another reason is cable defect - change the cable.

While trying to perform any operation, program produces errors

  • Selected phone model does not correspond to real - choose correct model.
  • Your phone does not support selected boot mode - choose another boot mode.
  • Boot is performed correctly but the preparatory operation is not performed (test point or cutting track)

After the DreamBox firmware update the application does not recognize DreamBox
Install new driver and read instructions at

After the driver update the application does not recognize DreamBox
Get new program version at

I can not find needed GSM network operator in the list of available
You can input operator code if you know it. Please notify our support service about incorrect or inexistent codes.

In Windows 98 DreamBox Service Software working too slow
Please update your motherboard BIOS.

Having a troubles while working with E-Gold models
Possibly the connection between handset and DreamBox is no stable enought. In this case TP connector needs to be modified according to the diagram.

Can not connect the phone in Security Bypass mode
In order to be able to connect a Sony Ericsson phone using Security Bypass access mode, the Test Point procedure has to be performed first. Then, after both stages (1 and 2) of "Security Bypass" operations have been executed, the handset can be flashed/unlocked/repaired using Security Bypass access mode.

Purchased the upgrade of DreamBox Plus to DreamBox SE. DBSS activation via code is done but update of DreamBox is not available.
In order to complete upgrade process of DreamBox Plus to DreamBox SE, please enter the activation code to the DBSS. After that the DreamBox has to be updated. The new firmware for each Box is generated by our server automatically within one hour from the moment of DBSS activation via code. So if the update failed to be completed from the first attempt, please wait 15-20 minutes and try again.

Wanted to flash few SE models simultaneously and couldn't connect them at once
DreamBox provides an opportunity of multiflashing, i.e. working with numerous handsets simultaneously. The phones have to be connected to PC USB/USB HUB using DCU-60, the standard SE USB data cable. The separate DBSS interface has to be run for each connected phone. In this case, the DreamBox works as a dongle and is only required for DBSS to be active.