Who is Providing This Warranty?
GSMDream Team, as the developer of this DreamBox product (your "Product") through their dealership network.

What Does This Warranty Cover?
This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship in your Product under normal use and conditions.

What is the Period of Coverage?
This warranty covers your Product for 180 days from the activation date.

Who is Covered?
This warranty covers the end-user consumer purchaser. Coverage carries on if you sell or otherwise transfer your Product.

What Will We Do To Correct Problems?
We will repair your Product or replace your Product with a new or reconditioned equivalent product, at our option.

How Do You Get Service?
Contact your official reseller for obtaining warranty service.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?
This warranty DOES NOT COVER:

  • Damage due to misuse, abuse, alteration, unauthorized repair, or accident (such as improper electrical current);
  • Cosmetic damage;
  • Cables, connectors and accessories;
  • This warranty also DOES NOT COVER, and in no case will we be liable for, any incidental damages (such as transportation costs to and from an authorized service provider / repair centre, or loss of time) or consequential damages (such as cost of repairing or replacing other property with your Product or other accessories, or external electrical systems) resulting from the use of your Product.